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elijah_con_2006's Journal

Elijah Con Online 2006
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This community was established so Elijah Wood fans from around the world could get together during several weeks in September 2006 and have an on-line Elijah-centric convention. If you are an Elijah fan and want to have some good natured fun with other Elijah fans, please join. (Note: Since more mature topics may be discussed, you should be at least 18 years of age to join. If you join, it is assumed you are old enough.)

Here you will find an online version of some of the things you'd find at a real convention:

Keynote "speakers"
Fan fiction
Fan art
Photo picspams

OK, so you won't have to book travel or convention tickets. You won't be able to huddle in a hotel room together or share a meal in the same place. You won't get Elijah's autograph or have a photo op here either. But the convenience of it being on-line should make up for that.

The nice and not-so-nice rules:

1) Have fun.
2) Be nice to one another and respectful of Elijah and his friends etc.
3) No flaming.
4) No discussions of Elijah’s “real life” romantic relationships will be allowed.
5) No photos of Pamela or Gogol Bordello allowed.
6) It's OK if fanfic or fanart contain romantic relationships but remember rules 3 and 4.
7) Banning will occur if rules 3, 4 or 5 are broken.
8) If you post here, please friends-lock.
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